Lego Architecture

Like Lego and architecture? Why not add them into one? Well this might just be the solution.

The design for LEGO®’s “experience center” or  better known as the ‘The LEGO® House’ has been released! The LEGO® House is planned to built in the center of LEGO’s birthplace – the town of Billund Denmark. This building is 7,600 square-meters large and is built to look like stacked up LEGO pieces. This is a fairly large building with multiple stories will remain open year-long due to its estimated 250,000 annual visitors. As new and unseen before features, LEGO has added their very own unique LEGO store and cafe.

Bjarke Ingles, founder of BIG stated: “It’s going to be looking at LEGO® from all its different aspects—LEGO® as an art form, its cultural impact. When we were doing the research for it [the LEGO® house], we realized, if you would consider it just an art museum, you would be able to fill it with so much user content of such a high quality…it is one of our great dreams at BIG that we are now able to design a building for and with the LEGO® group. I owe a huge personal debt to the LEGO® brick, and I can see in my nephews that its role in developing the child as a creative, thinking, imaginative human being becomes ever stronger in a world in which creativity and innovation are key elements in virtually all aspects of society.”

Construction of the building is expected to begin in early 2014 and the LEGO® House will be inaugurated in 2016. So be sure to check it out!

Here’s a video tour of the building.