Condominium Project

Monarch Condo


Made it using AutoCAD.


So this project first started off by researching other condominium floor plans as examples and ideas. The design brief required the class to choose eight and these were the ones I picked:

condo3 condo4 condo5 condo6 condo7 condo8 condo 1 condo 2

I liked the design of the condo with the red beds the most. I thought it had good placement of where everything was placed while being space efficient and also liked the idea of a den. This condo looks like it was designed for social gatherings as seen from how the furniture in the living room is placed – the couches face each other making it easier to talk. furthermore, there is also a den and a wet bar.

With a bunch of condo designs and new ideas in my head, I started to make my rough copy by drawing out thumbnails. I made 3 thumbnails and chose my favourite of the 3 and continued by making the rough copy. Like most rough copies, mine had a lot of problems too such as dimensions and where things were placed. I had to get the opinions of my teacher and classmates; with these opinions and edits, I was able to make my condo better.

At last, I had my rough copy which was ready for AutoCAD. I have used AutoCAD before but it was only for simple stuff such as drawing shapes and words. This time, I had the most complex AutoCAD project I have  encountered. Fortunately I was able to finish my condominium drawing.