Future of Architecture


With a growth in our population, it is necessary to create more homes. As a result, the growth in construction will also increase the number of architects slightly over the next few years. In order to keep up with the need of homes and the incredible advancing of technology, a much larger need for architects will be required. With this in mind, there will be more competition as well as more students are constantly searching for jobs.

future architecture

Here are some statistics from Service Canada – Click here for the link

Employment Distribution by Gender

Employment Distribution by Gender Unit Group 2151 All occupations
Males 67.5% 52.7%
Females 32.5% 47.3%

Employment Distribution by Age

Employment Distribution by Age Unit Group 2151 All occupations
15 – 24 years 4.4% 14.1%
25 – 44 years 53.4% 45.1%
45 – 64 years 38.0% 38.8%
65 years and over 4.2% 2.0%

Employment Distribution by Status

Employment Distribution by Status Unit Group 2151 All occupations
Full-time 92.1% 79.2%
Part-time 7.9% 20.8%

Average Annual Employment Income

Average Annual Employment Income
(Full-Time, Full-Year)
Unit Group 2151 All occupations
Full-time, full-year 63.0% 53.2%
Average income 63,617 45,157
0-19999$ 7.6% 16.5%
20000-49999$ 37.7% 52.4%
50000$ and over 54.7% 31.1%

Employment Distribution by Highest Level of Schooling

Employment Distribution by
Highest Level of Schooling
Unit Group 2151 All occupations
Less than high-school 0.0% 14.1%
High-school 0.8% 21.9%
Post-secondary 11.8% 43.1%
Bachelors 87.5% 20.9%

Looking at these statistics, a few facts can be found through analyzing them. Firstly, there are 38 % of all the workers that are in their 40’s -60’s. These people are from the “baby boom” era, in within 10 years much more jobs will be opened with this generation retiring.

Now looking at the future of architectural design. Most people believe the future of architecture will be be two factors: sustainable design and the sleek high-tech look (this is probably triggered from futuristic movies and shows :D). Compact cities are likely to be the future layouts of countries all around the world because they are efficient. Cities that are compact mean that people who live there don’t have to go far to get to work, buy food and shop. With this layout, buildings will have to get taller, not wider. Skyscrapers and apartments will become the norm in cities in order to save space.

sound scraper
Here is a link to some very unique and award winning designs. There are some very surreal designs such as the “Soundscraper” which is a building designed to absorb noise. The acoustic dampener also doubles as an energy producer, trapping and converting vibrations into power.



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